BBC Citizens- Charlene


Week 3

This week marked the finishing of modelling for the environment, both the UK shed and the African village. Once everyone had finished modelling, I took the assets and checked the topology to ensure they worked well. I then was responsible for UV mapping many of the objects, as it is a thing many of the team had never done before. I uv mapped most of the environmental assets and all of the characters.

I then began to texture the assets in substance painter. I gave them realistic maps, but used the diffuse to create a more painterly look.

I started with some of the shed assets, to test the style, before moving onto the African environment. We agreed on the style I had achieved and I then went on to texture the rest of the environment.



Week 2

Modelling environment, previs block 1, mentor feedback

This week led to the beginning of planning for our environments. We had a late night meeting to discuss what each person would be modelling. Rhea was the exemption from environmental modelling as she was our character artist. We then marked off each asset as it was completed.

separate environments
Shed- UK
Shed- bike shed- Rebecca DONE
Wooden fence/ceramic wall- Rebecca DONE
hedge in behind- Rhea
flowers growing above -Rhea
hanging plants on fence-rhea
truck/van- jack
Desert- Africa
rocky sandy road-jack
tall grass-model – jack DONE
tall tree- Rhea
washing line-Lorna DONE
houses- modular and clinic- Rebecca
pots/bowls- cassie DONE
telephone poles- cassie DONE
chairs-benches jack
water tanks lorna DONE
broom – cassie DONE
wheelie bin – jack DONE
bucket -cassie DONE
numbers on houses – becca
fences – jack DONE
Gnomes –
balls- cassie DONE
Rock- cassie
Bike -Lorna
slumped walking- nurse
taking bike from shed
 Below is a rendition of the completed shed scene. The cube in the corner is representative of the truck that will replace it.

Week 7- The Final Countdown


TThis week was a tough one for me as I was at the end of the pipeline, so there wasn’t very much for me to do (other than offer critique on comp etc).

So, while others were working on compositing this week, I worked on getting our breakdown video sorted. I used previous teams breakdowns as a basis and then worked to create ours.

Tiny Space Panda Breakdown. (Vimeo, 2017).

The Mippets breakdown. (YouTube, 2017).

Team Rocket breakdown (YouTube, 2017).

Lorna set up the premier file and we started to slot and edit the different things in. We created the following guidelines to follow;

Character concepts

Character turntables with concepts

Environmental concepts

Environmental turntables

Animation Breakdown- reference, animatic, block, final

Rigging- videos of nurse, simplified character and bike rig

Lighting/comp breakdowns- maximum 4 shots

At the end of the week, we collected the renders from all of the turntables and decided to enjoy the last day of our competition, that we would complete the video when we got back to Belfast.
Rhea and I also took on the role of credits for the piece, Rhea did the art work and I animated them in After Effects. We decided to go for a heat haze look, with a jittery font.
The credits on their own are visible here.