Creative Futures- Show Display Finalised




One of the big things for me was my poster that needed fixed was the lighting in the poster, as Brian, Alec and Henry had mentioned it felt like a horror short at the moment.

Below is the old poster.


I looked at different images online for lighting reference, and decided to go for a warmer lighting. Something similar to the image below.


(Home Stratosphere, 2019).

I then did a few different tests for the lighting itself. I asked different people in the year (Ryan, Phoebe, Rhea, Meabh etc) which lighting they preferred.


I then took this into photo shop, and worked again on the colour grading amd the vignette. Below are all the adjustments I made.


I kept asking the girls for feedback and sent through back and forth feedback, with both Michael Cauchi and Jesus Fernandez (industry professionals) weighing in. below is the final poster for print.



The only real feedback I had with my CV was the layout of Renny. I opted to move him and make larger to match the alignment of the cv headings and the paragraph bottom. This was the old CV I submitted.


Additionally, I sent my CV to Jesus who commented on the language, he said to remove the Autodesk from Maya. Below is the final CV with the feedback from all the people above.


Business Cards

I had no major feedback on my business cards. I sent them to print and received them and they were not great. The colours were too dark and also they seemed to smudge- with yellow and whites merging together. The edges were also ill cut.


I went to another printer and had them redone. When talking to people in the class and Michael and Jesus, they suggested that I print some of my assets on the back of the cards, on a plane background, to show them off. Along with a wire frame split- as it showed off the ‘neatness’ of them. Finally, Brian suggested the removal of the shadow on the “modeller-lookdev-production” – this looked a lot better and easier to read.



I decided against the pie print, so the others will be happening. I’ve sent them to print and they look great.


My board display from my design needed a few tweaks and the actual planning before I put it together. The real main feedback was the alignment of the prints. I still wanted them to be slightly uneven to match my actual short. My dad cut paper to the size of the board (122 by 80) for me to place my frames on for layout purposes.

I did a few and decided on the ones below. Althought I thought the layout was working, the colours of my individual asset renders were not working quite as well. I decided to bring these into photo shop and play around with these more.

Original board layout. 


Alec suggested I colour pick the wall paper. The colours from it were too pastel- however I started playing with the colour strength.

Below is the photoshop versions of the display. I decided to go with the middle one as for me the it has the greatest balance and displays the assets well.


Below is the final layout once displayed on the wall. I think it looks great, and the added extras such as the crackers and business card display with the cups.

I then started putting the display together. Alec recommended I try and fill the gap between the computer and the large brown frame.


I sent a few more items to print and then fitted a few frames in.



Overall, I am very pleased with how this display is looking. Alec’s comments and feedback on colours, alongside outside feedback has been really helpful. Additionally, the inclusion of more prints to fill out the display has really helped and allowed me to show off the display more. The addition of the individual renders, as suggested by Rhea, add a pop of colour and brought more attention to the board. Alec’s suggestion of adding more frames in to the fill the gap above the mac also really helped fill in the board more, and felt a bit more ‘real.’ Finally, Jesus’ suggestion of adding the still life render also was amazing and allowed me to show off all my the props from my scene which were harder to see in the framed renders, and show off my lookdev.


Home Stratosphere. (2019). 101 Interior Design Ideas for 25 Types of Rooms in a House ([y] Photos). [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 May 2019].


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