Self Assessment

As Porky Pig says- That’s All Folks!

This year has been a wild ride in terms of work. Taking and working on a solo project, with an outcome which I was happy of was something I never dreamed of. I have gained a lot of confidence throughout the year, with my love for lookdev and modelling growing, as I became more adverse to how they worked. I looked forward to other areas other than production, which I normally end up saddled with. Additionally, I was able to do my own research and look into areas I knew I lacked in, including cinematography and filming. There are areas I wish I had time to delve into more, such as creating a more stop motion esque character feel, with the animated finger prints, something I started look into, but never fully did get around to developing. I regret not doing more animation during my placement year and practising more than just walk cycles and basic exercises. In the future, I want to push myself more in these areas, as I walk into the big world of animation/VFX.

Thanks for reading as I sign off my final post as a student-


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