Creative Futures- Showreel

The showreel is the element of creative futures I look forward to, with ability to show off your work in a neat way, but still get personality across in an edit.

I wanted to look at a few reels before delving into my own reel. To see what the general look for a lookdev/modelling reel would be.

The first reel I shamelessly looked at was Michael’s – although there is a lot of projects going on here they feed into each other well. His older reels have nice breakdowns I like- showing off assets by rendering multiple turning in the same turntable. This is something I might include in my own video.

I liked the indepth breakdown of the ratatouille project here showing the turntables of different assets in the short, after the final image, it allowed me to see little details that would be missed in the bigger picture. This is definitely something I would include in my reel- as the smaller assets, and even Renny’s texture which is very in depth.

After looking at a few examples; I managed to write a general order of my showreel, to shot off my lookdev and modeling.

-shot 01 of animation

-asset turntables – living room- sofa, phone, cup

-Renny turntable- greyscale, wireframe, colour

-Fridge shot animation

-Asset render fridge- ketchup, pie

I thought this was a good place to start and began editing the clips together. Below is my first draft of the showreel. When editing, it was suggested to me that I do a grey frame and wire frame pass of each environment to show of the topology. So I added those in too.

Getting feedback from Michael and Jesus was great- they gave a few minor tweaks. They suggested that I slow down the wireframe passes. I was waiting on the rest of the Renny renders coming out too before I edited them in. Jesus recommended the grey scale pass had no displacement turned on too.

Below is the ‘final’ edit of my showreel for now. I have a few changes I want to make to it. The first being that I step shot 01. Also, with the progress of my shaders, I think I might replace the phone render with a new updated shader, along with the pie render after the ketchup bottle.

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