Artistic- Flickering Light Revisited

I was having a problem with shot 06 and shot 07. Shot 07 was a lot brighter than the other shots. However, instead of having to rerender the shot entirely, I thought trying to grade it would be a lot better use of my time.

Too bright render.


The just right render


I was struggling with the brightness and contrast in after effects, trying to get it to match my original still. The image was turning too washed out. Instead, I decided to use Nuke. I was advised that you could hook up the read nodes, with different image sequences to different numbers. This mean that I could switch between two sequences by pressing 1 and 2 to see if how close my grade was getting.

The grade node in Nuke has a multiple function, basically what this node does is preserves the black points of the image, allowing the brightness to be altered without washing out the photo, which I was finding in After Effects.


60340256_2370263823206667_2585898086916161536_n.pngThe switching between the two nodes and using the multiple node allowed me to get a pretty solid match between the two frames.

Below is the graded scene, this turned out great- now to get it into the scene with the final grade.



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