Creative Futures- Show Layout

Layout was one of the things that I was leaving until the last minute to organize, simply due to the fact that I didn’t know how to display my work. I looked at previous years blogs- such as Edward Boyles, Aisling McElroy, Matthew Hamill and Natasha Crowleys.

I noticed the clean white and black layouts in a lot of these displays, however, I wanted to add some form of character to the display to match that of my character Renny. I liked how the Beaky Blinders team did this- creating telephone wires for around the display.

When thinking about the board itself, I decided that I wanted to paper it similar to my environments. I though covered my board in old fashioned wallpaper and framing the images I want to display in actual wooden frames.

I drew the following rough layouts to get a general feel for the layout arrangement.

Taking these rough layouts, I then took a photo of the board and started overlaying the shapes and sizes to see what it would look like. One of the comments I got from people was that the structure was too uniform and that I should approach it with the same eyes as I did my film. The environment was wonky and messy- therefore I should add this to the layout.

From this feedback, I then created the below layout. I think that this will definitely be similar if not the layout I follow. I have typed up a few explanations of the titles on the images below so you know what they are.

Cross Stitch- I am hoping to cross stitch the title of my short, to give the display the same homey feel as my short does.

Fridge Render- a screen cap from the fridge scene in my short

Bob Ross Render- a posed Render of Renny dressed as Bob Ross

Living Room Render- a screen cap from the living room from my film

Phone Prop Render- A rendered still of the phone prop from my living room scene

Cup Render- A rendered still of the cup from my living room scene

Remote Render-  A rendered still of the remote from my living room scene.

Information – this will contain a logline from the project, along with information about myself and the areas I specialise in.


From this I then went on to create a digital map of the area. For the CV and business cards, I decided to lay them out on the table- with the business cards fanned out inside a cup, to give a bit of personality. I might include some doilies on the table to add more decoration which is relevant to the scene.


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