Creative Futures- Poster Designs

Poster design was the next thing for me to tackle. I had a few ideas for what to do. The main one was to recreate the famous Jaws poster and replace the elements with that in my scene. So the shark would be the remote, the sea the floorboards and the swimmer would be Renny looking confused or looking in the sofa.


When I presented this idea to Henry he wasn’t too keen on the idea, he made some fairly good points. He pointed out that the poster didn’t match the tone of my film, and that it wasn’t greatly creative as I was more of less riding off other’s ideas.

Henry got me to start thinking about elements involved in my plot, thinking about the main themes and symbols that when looked at would make my film easily identifiable. For me the main genre/theme is comedy. The main elements are forgetfulness, the tv remote, lost items and human error. Henry said that it would be good to give a rough plot suggestion without giving too much away, showing or hinting at Renny looking for the remote.

When thinking of other visual ways to approach the poster, I had like the use of text and the title to be played with. I had a look at a few examples where text is used in the poster in a witty/interactive way.

Looking at the posters above, I drew a few rough designs using the movies title (Out of Control) and the title. I grew to like the idea that the character would be looking in the title for the remote (and it could be one of the letters or hidden at the bottom of the work control). I did a test render to show Henry (below).


Henry wasn’t that in love with this poster, however when he talked though it I totally agree. He said that the poster had a huge amount of white space, and that the layout of these text would not look great in a portrait A2 poster format, and the composition would look very empty. I asked if he had any other ideas for the short.

Henry brought up that when visualising my poster, he kept thinking of the fish tank from Rango. He imagined having the remote in another unusual place that it would be lost- in the case of Rango in a fish tank. I really liked this idea, and was immediately drawn to the posters for early man.

The fish tank from Rango.

This series of posters for EarlyMan were not main character or scene photos, in fact they were objects that identified the universe of the film (Cavemen times with a twist) and gave a sense of the characters themselves. I additionally liked the use of the puns in them .

I started coming up with ideas for the poster (see the list below).

Although I came up with a few ideas, I still loved the fish bowl idea. I am bad at designing general layouts for thing until I start working, so I jumped in and just started working.  Below is the render I came up with after a day of tweaking. I was really happy with how this was looking.


After this render, I then took it into photoshop, playing with different fonts. I wanted something that was quite playful, but clear enough that can be read ok by anyone. I found this font LOVELO and it was great. I started adding things such as the Vignette and found myself really liking the poster.


Showing different people, they suggested I play with the curves to get a more blue look. I then added a vignette to complete the look. I definitely like this poster a lot more with the colour, and the feedback from Henry was great- he really liked it! The next stop is the CV!


UPDATED FEEDBACK- I had some feedback from Brian on my poster regarding the lighting. He suggested it was looking very horror like at the moment and suggested I play with brighter lighting, maybe in early morning or day time.

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