BFX- Week 1

The first week of the competition has been an introduction to training, the facilities and mentors, along with the dreaded feedback presentation.

I’ll not bore with the details for travelling etc so I’ll briefly summarise the beginning of the week.

Saturday 8th July- Jack, Cassie, Lorna and myself arrive in Bournemouth

Sunday 9th July- the day was spent settling in, getting shopping and living basics (a lot of people didn’t have scales to weigh their suitcase and so only had along the lines of 11kg of stuff for 7 weeks (ouch).

Monday 10th July- Induction day. We were given our passwords and sign ins, allowed to download any extra softwares on the computers and prepare our resources. We also met the technical team (imagine three Mikes), the course director and BFX organisers.

We also received our SISO training, showing us how to book out the various equipment needed and how to fill out the risk assessments etc.

Tuesday 11th July- Rhea arrives, lots of practising throughout the day for our presentation (we are pretty petrified given the reputation of Bournemouth Students).

Wednesday 12th July- presentation day

Both our teams were petrified, as this was the first presentation of this style in front of anyone of higher calibre.

I was utterly shocked by how well our presentations went. It turns out that Bournemouth Uni and the Falmouth University don’t do very much presenting or group work, so we were super prepared.

They commented on our presentation skills, and understanding of typography and alignment in our presentation skills (thank you Conann). They also made comment on how we had went through and completed a lot of the feedback, clarifying how much work we had done.

Originally I was worried about our animatic, this was a comment also brought up by one of the mentors, stating that there was a look of frames in our storyboard. However it was mentioned that we had a good use of a variety of camera angles, interesting ones that could change the story quite drastically without having to show cliche animation/cue. Another mentor commented that there were a few shots that the camera didn’t work as hard- and to cut to 10-13 shots, something we have now rectified.

They also mentioned our characters- one mentor bringing up that he was worried it would be hard to get a lot of emotion across with such small eyes, however, Rhea had added little pose sketches of the characters, and he said we completely counter acted what he would have presumed.


Above is us presenting and here is a link to the presentation.

Thursday 13th July- After the adventure of last night, we had to be up at 9am for our camera training at Elliot Road Studios,

We were given a vigorous training in camera studies- going over the basic functions, aperature, ISO and shutter speed, and then allowed to test out the cameras, and their various lens.

After this we were given training on the Vari-cams. Shown how to set one up, how to record and then how to use the monitors. We were also informed on some of the safety precautions involved with these cameras too. Although none of us are actually doing any live actions/ tracking etc it was incredibly useful- especially with refreshing the different camera settings- this will come in 100% useful at a later stage.

Below are some of the photos from the training, I skillfully dodged a lot of these.






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