MashMob- ‘Final’ meeting

After what we thought may be our ‘final’ meeting today- we have a few changes to make to our work. However, due to the time constraints and continuation with other projects and our essay, we have agreed to make these after our deadline, as a sort of side project.


Gorilla – deformer on m? Using the MM as a texture on the M itself.

Octo – Adjust animation, so it doesn’t swim through the shelving.

Dino – remove the crack in post on the letter B.

Logo – illuminance 15% (less natural but stands out)

After effects – curves, saturation up, post stuff, soft shadows, drop tilt shift

Letters- bevel the letters

Delete- building blocks and the dummy.

Lighting- send scenes to Kerry to do tests to send to us to replicate. ATM it looks too grey and drab.


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