Design- Robots with Grant Imahara

Looking into how to use design with Robotics I found the below talk which was super interesting, from one of my favourite shows, The MythBusters.

Design- Robots with Grant Imahara (YouTube, 2016).

-Using design to use the time you have- to be more efficient and get more done

-planning in design. First robots are, by nature, complicated.

-pay a little more attention to the early stages of design process, before doing this, spend time to make a study model. CAD or popsicle sticks. Using a model to test- save materials.

– TEAM 1.11- Wildstang and their lifting arm

Define- understanding the problem. Requirements and restraints are the problem at hand. Hand sketches used to identify critical aspects (in this case dimensions of the robot).

-Ideate- brainstorming. Based robot arm on a human arm as a result. Linkages were used as bones and power outages used as muscles.

-Create- building. Using CAD to built a virtual diagram- allows to be split into different parts. These parts were divided among other sub team. This allows to identify problems- using the CAD model to fix these problems, before applying to the real work model.

– Solve- manufacturing. These CAD models provided blueprints for the actual build.

Review- make you model, work out the ideas and then make the parts. 



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