Robots(2005) Concept Art

As I changed my robot to have more character, I wanted to look into the designs behind the movie Robots (2005). Admittedly, this is one of my favourite films, I love the character designs here and the quirky personalities the robots have. Especially the ‘junk’ bots who fall apart often.

I love the concept art below on the RHS of the robot with no arms drawn in. I wanted to use this as a basis of my character, adapting what I had already modelled.

I decided to rework the head and the body to match, removing my previous t-shirt idea. I also want to focus on the character portrayed by the robot itself, as mentioned by the previous Will Terrell video I looked at. I wanted to focus on not just his look, but his stance and weight. The illustration below has a lovely stooped stance, one I want to replicate with my own model.


The concept art I used as the basis of my idea. (above).

I then used other concepts from the film tot help match the style of both the limbs and texturing.





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