Aaron Blaise’s Character Design Approach to Character- Aaron Blaise

The 7 steps

  1.  RESEARCH- know about the character, how they interact for e.g. polar bears- do not hibernate when other bears do. Learn through every source. Understand the real thing and then caricature. Understanding the under structure- sit down and draw a real bear over and over and over again. Once this is achieved, the character can be broken down into basic shapes.
  2. CHARACTER- how do we adapt to the world we are creating. Establish the world so we know what we are designing to. Design conceit- what we are design to. E.g. Aladdin (1992) had long fluid line work based on another caricature artist.
  3. STORY- character is driving the plot- in this case a Polar Bear who wants to find a friend. Says something special and needs to be pushed across in his look. Giant lonely place- making snow angels.
  4. NOT SETTLE TOO SOON- experiment! Draw over- continually playing with expression.
  5. PLAYING WITH EXPRESSION- look at different emotions
  6. DRAW KEY MOMENTS- once settling on design- draw key shots and explore different moments in the story. Polar Bear building the snowman- give personality in movement.
  7. EXPERIMENT WITH ANIMATION- how does it move. Character should now be coming real.

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