Personality in Human Characters- applied

Will Terrell. (YouTube, 2017).

What are we looking at?

  • what you are observing
  • how to convey in the illustration

Experience- from drawing people to give personality in the drawing. The thing missing in many designs- drawing model sheets but missing characters!

Frustration- trying to capture a person’s expression but cannot do it. Keep doing it- do it until you ‘don’t want to do it the same old way anymore’ to level up and get to the stage of different. Not the old way. We have not seen the 200 drawings before the final.

“The master has failed more time than a beginner has tried.”

Stuck on faces/ details/ expression/ lock up in the details. These don’t matter- do not make personality. This comes from how person carries themselves. Job as an artist is to create a personality before you touch the page. Great from observing group dynamics/ couples- guys picking up girls in the bar.

“Caricature is making something look more like the person than the person does.”

Taking one of two aspects of a person and emphasising them to show their personality- what they do with the features. Do not need to use these techniques for funny cartoons- comic books. Anatomy and great intensity through emoting, however, they walk odd, almost constipated, due to lesser understanding of how these will effect their movements.

Standing in line- how to people shift weight- slouched, leaning against something, little old ladies hunched over. How are they hunched? All unique aspects that need portrayed to be recalled for later designs.

Why do they act a certain way? Closed off, or everything out there. Peter Mayhew- played Chewbacca. What made Chewbacca unique- “what I always thought was the feet.” Thinking about what sort of shoes does a character wear, are the footsteps loud or soft, do they lumber, are they nimble. Mayhew- tall- knee problems cause the knees to buckle in giving a wobbling gait. In prequels- this walk is missing.

Start with the feet. Not the face. You can see them from across a room and identity them immediately.

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