Borja Montoro- Concept Art

Tyrone sent me a lot of amazing resources (this will be shown in the next few posts as his resources are awesome).

I wanted to create a professor like look to our robot, combined with the original posture from the robot in the Robots (2005). Montoro had some lovely designs on his website, which I thought would be lovely to incorporate into my own concept.

The favourite for me is the one below of the old man below. I love this glasses- the little rims seem like an extension of his face, rather than a separate object. They give him an intuitive look- like an owl. I also like the bushier eye brows, something I want to look into giving the character I have already, as this is a common thing with older men.







Montoro, B. (2017). Borja Montoro Character Design. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2017].


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