Robot Inspiration- Pinterest favourites

I made a large pinterest board for my robot- looking at the different styles and models people looked at. The board is view-able here, however, I wanted to go through some of my favourite concepts and explore areas I think would fit my design.

I really liked the proportions of this bot- with the extremely long arms, making it impossible for the bot to stand up right. I like how, despite its size and robustness- the bot itself has a more inquisitive look. He looks more welcoming and friendly that others I looked at.


I adore junk bots, especially the one below. I loved the combination of old and vintage objects to create a new modern device. I like the incorporation of the number and the dial on the bot’s chest, giving hint to a function of sorts. I also think it is rather unique how he has no mouth but still gives a massive impression on the viewer- his expression hard to read, making it a little uneasy.


This robot boy was an unusual one, granted, but I loved the incorporation of a more humanoid look. The head and ‘t-shirt’ style body made it look more like a cyborg of sorts. The design also hinted at a primary function along side humans, with his general composition being made up from cleaner colours and plastics. I like the bottom legs especially in the design- given the exposed mechanics that seemed to be fused together in some sort of plastic.


There is something about robots in clothing that really makes me excited- much like the concept art below. The addition of clothing is something I would like to look at when creating my own design for the robot- maybe a hoodie as if the robot is trying to blend in to society.


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