Changing the Setting

One of our main changes was the surrounding environment. During our feedback, it was commented that our white room principle was not really working as the MASH letters looked to be floating, while the others rested on the ground. Jude recommended we maybe look into creating a bedroom like environment, and having lighting that would reflect this, also resolving our lighting issues we are having, giving sharp shadows on the fox and dinosaur and washing the characters out.

For the bedroom itself we needed three assets- two shelves and a wall. I wanted to look into different children bedroom settings to see how we could add to the environment.

I looked at films such as Wallace and Gromit- the opening sequence in Curse of the Ware Rabbit gives an excellent timeline of a relationship, and looks lived in and worn.

I also looked at Toy Story 2- especially the scene with Wheezy, although this shelf had a lot of clutter through books, something that didn’t fit spacially on our own shelf.


We also looked at the room in boss baby, with the typical baby items strewn around the room. bossbaby.png

Using these stills and films I was able to block out the basis of the shelf as seen below. After showing this to my group, Jack suggested tilting the letters to make them look less uniform.


After this, I started exploring different wallpapers based on references I found online- trying to incorporate the MM logo.  We all agreed, with the guidance of Kerry, that the yellow lettering suited best and stood out the most. We also decided on the random MM logo in the obscure polka dot pattern.

Below is the final image we presented to Jude, to show how the wallpaper looked.



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