Gorilla Changes

One of the comments from our previous meeting had been that the gorilla itself needed a texturing update, due to the fact it was sticking out like a sore thumb among the other characters.

Jude suggested making it look like metal- to which I suggested the look of an old fashioned tin toy, with a spinning key to further show it’s wind up quality. Jude liked this idea and further suggested we even make the animation look jittery- like the head is stuck as the in toy mechanism is broken.


I took the character into substance and created a grimy, beat up looking toy. Based on some tin toys I found online.




Below is the character I managed to texture. I originally had some problems with the texturing of the character itself- when I imported into substance painter the character seemed see-through. I consulted James Dalton in final year for advice, he said that my normals were reversed- a common problem when you duplicate an object over and reverse the scale to -1.  Jame said I go to display- face normals. Green lines appear on the faces, pointing in the direction in which the normals are facing. I then had to click on the polygons which were the wrong way and reverse them.

I ended up having to scrap my substance painter texturing as the specular maps were not working in Arnold. Alec explained that there is a difference with converting these compare to use in real time renders. Alec suggested we use a noise bump map to achieve a similar effect. I am sad that I couldn’t use my original designs, however this is something I plan to look into, to see how I can ensure it doesn’t stay like this.





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