The Fox 3D Model

OK, so the last week has been spent modelling and doing re-topology, UV’s and texturing on two different character. Thankfully I had Jack to help with the dinosaur.

For the 3D fox, I wanted to look at some other fox characters to keep the head shape of the original fox in mind.


The female fox. Fox and the House (1981).22d284aa3f02866661d439c079d7eb09

thelittleprincestill2.pngThe fox from the Little Prince (2016).

I wanted to keep to the original fox as much as possible, so the face of the Little Prince Fox was perfect for this. The design from the original MashMob fox has his face in the triangle like shape too. I wanted to add a softness to the character as I found MashMob’s slightly too harsh. Below is the blocked model of the fox. I then added the hands from a previous model and used the sculpt tools to make them more claw like. I showed the model to my team mates and they suggested making the eyes slightly larger and adding shoes. I did this before moving on to texturing the character in Substance Painter.


Blocked fox model. I then added shoes and hands.

The next step was UV mapping the fox and then exporting into Substance Painter.


This is my view from Substance Painter of the fox texturing. I then exported it using my previous research into Maya and set up with textures with Arnold.

I was pleased with the character’s look so far. However during our presentation, it was commented on the UV seam on his head. Some people liked it as it looked more made up- like a child’s toy. However, I wanted to make it still look plausible. So I went and researched some sewing patterns to see how this muzzle would be sewn.



Below is a pattern for an animal muzzle. It splits the head into three separate UV shells, one running from the nose to the back of the head, and the two sides.


‘Guzzet’ patterns. (Pinterest, 2017).

After looking at this pattern, I fixed the UV, adding the additional seams and then I painted white on the face to give the same look as on the original Fox artwork.

Below is the finalised fox model. Next, on to the banjo.




Pinterest. (2017). Teddy Bear Patterns. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Mar. 2017].

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