Diffuse/ Albedo Maps

What is a diffuse map?

This is a raw colour channel of a 3D object, a texture is a 2D image file that can be wrapped onto the 3D object with UV mapping. The diffuse map is plugged into the diffuse channel to create the colour of the object, however you can also plug a texture into other channels like displacement, reflection etc. (map, 2017).


The diffuse map of the face is on the top left hand corner. (3dtotal.com, 2017).

Below is our diffuse colour for the fox (the denim and the knit patterns).



map, D. (2017). Diffuse map and Texture map. [online] Graphicdesign.stackexchange.com. Available at: http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/11541/diffuse-map-and-texture-map [Accessed 21 Mar. 2017].

3dtotal.com. (2017). // Making Of ‘Barack’ by Patrick Harboun (page 2 of 3) / Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Project Overview, Lighting, Rendering, Post-production, Modeling, Texturingtutorial from 3dtotal.com. [online] Available at: http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/363-making-of-barack-photoshop-maya-zbrush-by-patrick-harboun-character-human-man-face-president-obama?page=2 [Accessed 21 Mar. 2017].


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