Changing the Fox- Pose

One of the main feed backs from Jude was the positioning of the fox on the logo.


So, I redrew the character to fit the design Cassie provided me with. I also added an extra eye shape to show how the fox would have a peaceful expression when playing the guitar and then when shown in the final shot, the eyes would be open looking at the audience.


I then started to work on the texturing of the fox. I experimented with a few things until I finally achieved what I thought looked best.

Below is my first test, however, as you can see, it looks horrible. I used an online generator to create my normal maps, however, I didn’t realise how strong they were until I applied the materials. I opted this time for a felt fabric for the face and a wood for the feet, with a hessian like fabric on the body.


I added more of a knitted material to the fox, and based on previous feedback, I tried larger buttons for the eyes, much like Coraline, only I made them smaller.


Button eyes from Coraline (2009).

I encountered a problem with the banjo and the eyes. The original idea was to have the eyes and banjo on their own UV tile, to keep it separate from the animated fox. However, with using multiple objects with the opacity masks didn’t seem to work. The eyes rendered out completely black and the banjo had a complete black area around it.


I am going to present this to Jude to ensure he likes the button idea and the overall look of the character, before handing it on for rigging.


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