Meeting 3- feedback and changes

So we had our meeting with Jude, with a general update on were we were at.

We first showed Jude the vectors that Robert had created (see below).




Jude really liked these- especially the octopus. He did give a few changes for each though.

Gorilla- change the blue to a dark blue that is incorporated in their colour palette, simplify the stage/ remove the tassels and change the red. The gorilla should be closer and bigger

The 3D models themselves

The dinosaur- texture on the skin, thumb prints and little squishy look, the eyes on one side and not integrated

Octopus- the current model is too alien, and want us to simplify to the graphic look,  4 legs, tentacles look more simple and like an arm. Cassie will talk about this later, but while modelling we noticed it was hard to create the exact look we were going for, with keeping the topology on the one character. Instead we decided to keep the limbs separate, much like the Ben and Jerry’s advertisement for One Sweet World (below).

Ben and Jerry’s One Sweet World (YouTube, 2017).

Chicken/Hen- Jude loved this model, and wanted us to explore texturing him more with wood textures, staining with the colours from their colour palette.



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