Texture Tests- Dinosaur

One of the things Jude mentioned in our meeting was he wanted to see a texture test for the Plasticine material for the dinosaur to see how the material would look with the light.

This task was asigned again elsewhere but I wanted to make sure it looked perfect, I also wanted to learn more about shader creation through the likes of zbrush, substance painter and xnormal.

I found different processes for creating this smudgy like look in zbrush. It would involve having the character completely UV’ed and in low poly- and then taking thing low poly version into zbrush again, from this, the clay and clay build up tools can be used to create this look.


I looked at mainly Aardman for the specific look. Their characters being make from Plasticine.





A tester of the shader is below, however, for the actual dinosaur, I want to focus on the softer/ modelled look. I also will look into the creation of alphas- to make finger prints.



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