Character Concept’s for Characters

We wanted to draw out the different characters in the styles that we have talked about previously talked about.

The Fox

We changed the fox to playing a banjo as we thought it co-operated with his style a bit more. Giving into the more ‘home-made’ look, as a mish mosh of different fabrics. I based the shape of the character of a previous drawing Even did- softer and a little more child like. I tried to keep the shape more blocked though- like the original fox.


Even’s redraw of Mr Fox.


The fox I drew up to model.

The Octopus

Cassie’s concepts for a slightly maniacal Octopus. We made him look more like the an actual octopus for style reasons.


The Dinosaur 

The original dinosaur we presented to Jude was a claymation style character, with the mouth and eyes on the one side. I gave Even a few characters to look into for inspiration when modelling him- Aardman’s Purple and Brown being a big influence here.

Aardman’s characters often have separate objects for the different features. (YouTube, 2017).




Even did these really nice sketches exploring the different expressions that we could sculpt to show the different emotions of the dino chap.


Purple & Brown ‘Balloon’ clip. (2017). [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 17 Feb. 2017].

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