Meeting 2 – Presenting Ideas

So on Friday we met with Jude to present our ideas- originally we were worried we hadn’t selected an overall idea and this would be mentioned, however it wasn’t and we were surprised at how we were acclaimed for our efforts.

Jude liked all our ideas, however, he decided to let us pick which of the ideas to carry out. We left a little more confused than before as we liked many of our ideas and didn’t know how to chose which one to use. We came back to the room and decided to come up with pros and cons for each- based on what we had discussed with Jude today.

The Doors

Pros- can be continuous, don’t have to end and so can be generated as individual gifs for each character, can be individual- a lot of fun personality shown in them.

Cons- Monsters Inc

The Corridor

Pros- fun animation

Cons- rip off of White Stripes Music Video, longer than suggested brief (5 seconds per corridor)

The Walking/ Marching

Pros- challenging to us to recreate several hard animation movements

Cons- complex rigging none of us are confident with, so it may fail.

The Building Blocks

Pros- would look really nice and a clear divide between all the styles meaning it would be easy to see. Also would be a good way to explore character acting and personality.

Cons- bit of an ‘easy’ way out- which I disagree.

We managed to break our ideas down into two separations- the 2D and 3D idents. We decided that the door and the walking animation would look best in 2D and that the letter building and the corridor animation would look best in the 3D style.

We all agreed on the doors as being the animation of choice for our 2D animation, due to Jude’s comments of the doors working continuously- at ten seconds each.

The 3D animation, however, was taking a lot more time to agree on. We put it out to the class and asked for their critics and they agreed that the quick cuts would be a better option to explore.

Our next stop is to explore how the characters are going to look- character design!

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