Coming up with Ideas

Today we met to discuss our ideas and narrow them down- combining and developing them into something better.

We had a lot of different thoughts and inventions for the ident, but below are the few that seemed to stick out the most.

The Corridor

This idea came from a mix of Jack and Even’s ideas- based on the old Cartoon Network Idents (see below). I involves the process of pushing through the different levels- either through doors are travelling through in a corridor sense, giving a shout out to the different styles and characters. In each transition- it would pass a character, interacting in some way.

Watch from 2 minutes onward to see the ident we were inspired by- the actions inside the logo or box. (YouTube,2016).

Robert also commented how this progressional thing remind him of the Xiaolin Showdown opening credits.

The Shiaolin Showdown credits. (YouTube, 2016).

Jack made a mini mock up of the idea- as we originally thought it may be too long to use, but it worked out at roughly 10 seconds- which is good! The idea reminded me of the optical illusion used in the Harry Potter sets- which I saw recently at the Warner Brother’s Studios.


Optical Illusion Hallway.

This progression in set also brought to mind the falling scene in Alice and Wonderland- as if the character is progressing through the mind. The way Alice moves through different colours and artefacts in the rabbit hole could be applied in how we structure our characters- the further away from ‘reality’ the more intense and imaginary the scene is.

Alice falling into Wonderland. (YouTube, 2017).

The Doors

This idea came along in literally ten minutes of conversation today. What started as what we thought a ‘stock idea.’ A white screen with doors on on them – 4 at the top and 3 at the bottom- very much like the Monsters Inc title sequence (see below).

Monsters Inc credits. (YouTube,2016).

Various characters open them/ interact at the same time. The doors then would close on them- reopen to reveal the MashMob logo. However, we had a previous idea from Cassie that included the chicken/hen/rooster laying the egg that would be the squarish-O in the logo. From this we realised we could customise each door to match the character- a nest for the chicken, a porthole for the octopus, a fancy posh decor door for the fox etc.

Following the leader

Another of our ideas was to have a sequence of walking characters together- each ones walk to reflect their personality.

We wanted to incorporate a little gag into this- so therefore had a few plots to follow. The first was a nice one by Robert that we really liked- the first shot showing 4 of the main characters and then panning out to show the characters marching after the giant hen- like duckings following a mother duck.

The intro for Robin Hood (1973).


Inspiration that would make David Attenborough proud.

Even found some gifs that we thought demonstrated the motion of the different characters. The main one being the bouncy of the chicken.



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