Fredrick Storm- An Inspiration

Fredrick Storm is a character artist and co-owner of Tennis Monkey animation (my most recent fan girling company). He has a gorgeous take on style- creating 2d like characters in a 3D format. Below are some of his works which I think show this best, many of which I love.

The Three Wonky Polygons.

Fredrick’s ‘friends’- Tetragon, Pentagon and Hexagon.




Animation for a track by Simon Larsen. Milkshakes by Fredrick Storm and Sophie Refshauge.

A Doodle

I found this on Storm’s blog and thought it was pretty niffy- the mix between both 2D and 3D is seamlessly integrated to create a believable scene.


The Pink Elephant


I gave him an email to ask if he himself had any inspirations for character design and the likes- here is what he had to say;




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