First Meeting- Mash Mob

So, today we met with Jude from MashMob for the first time, to discuss our project brief. Jude wants us to create a ident for MashMoob based on the the five main characters used in their logo and website. These characters include; robot, dinosaurs, fox, octopus, M shaped creature.

Above are the characters from MashMob’s website and Facebook.

We are free to carry this out in 3D however it must work as a vector too. We originally thought it would have to be a very flat animation, however, Jude mentioned making one of the characters into a claymation type texturing, which I think would look pretty cool on the monkey.  We also have to make a 2D version of the ident- this can be the same as our already completed ident or one that is totally different. At the end of this, the ident will be converted to SVG -Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. Jude advised us to look at things like MR Men- especially Mr Tickle.


Jude advised us to look at the likes of the Mr Men for inspiration of the vector style (minus the outline).

Another thing that Jude advised us to use was consistent colour schemes, keeping in mind those used on MashMob’s website. He also advised us to keep the basic graphic principles in mind; such as aligned text, the same fonts from the website etc.

Below is the Mash Mob logo- one thing that we have to include.



MashMob’s logos.

Our next meeting (next Thursday) will be to introduce script ideas and a storyboard for our chosen ideas, along with any designs we have in mind.


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