Sherlock -Cinematography

Sorry Alec- I am an obsessed fan who had to document this for the sake of Dervla and her editing skills.

Dervla in our original previs had mentioned the use of editing through overlapping footage in our scenes- the prime example being the windmill. While watching the latest season of Sherlock, I realised where I had seen this technique used before- in my favourite show of course.

We had originally looked at music videos by the like of Coldcut and Bonabo.

More beats and pieces- Coldcut. (YouTube, 2016).

I trolled through the episodes and found quite extensive uses of this overlapping look- mainly when the protagonist goes into his train of though- his ideas reflected on the screen in the view of footage, images and text sequences.

Hounds of Baskerville (2012).




The Six Thatchers (2017)



We really liked the above frames when doing the edits- rather than having text randomly appear over the screen.

One of our ideas was to have text over certain objects in the scene. Sinead did a few edits of frames from our animation to have a look at his. We agreed that this may be a bit distraction for the human eye. As a compromise, we realised that we could do a separate edit from the BBC one- Sinead offering to score out the text as it appeared across the screen. Kind of like the CIA documents (and coincidentally the end of our script).



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