How did it end?

Our ending was one of our biggest concerns in our piece, considering we had so many options to explore, and so many ideas of our own.

These included;

  • there being an alien in the house or the house itself becoming an alien
  • the scene returning to normal and the camera looking side to side crazily as if being attacked. Camera would look up and a bright light would surround the character- as if being abducted.
  • changing to a day time scene- Alec’s suggestion- and a flyer blowing in the wind.The camera zooms in on it to reveal a “missing house” or “house for sale”
  • the scene returning to normal- as if nothing happened.

In our original previs we had that at the end it would return to the look of the first shot. Things would be going mad- lights flashing, the house floating etc and then return to normal. The BBC didn’t like it – the feedback saying it built up to nothing.

We wanted to have a look at how other films created a prolonged sense of unease, after the film had ended. One of the big stand outs for me was Gone Girl (2014).

Gone Girl (2014).

Based on the life of Amy- the film is split in two parts. The first told in that of her husband, Nick, as he deals with the accusations of killing his wife. The second half is turned to Amy, showing that (spoilers) she is in fact alive and has plotted the whole thing for months.

The ending is unsettling- Amy gets away with her psychotic acts and murder and lives on with her husband (whom she can’t escape). It is one of my favourite films- I remember leaving the cinema feeling so lost as the happy ending did not happen, and never would.

Gone Girl analysis. (YouTube, 2016).

Prisoners (2013)

A film following fathers after the abduction of two kids. The ending of this film is bleak- the girls found alive, but not before their capturer’s wife takes a hold of one of the dads. The keeps him in a holding cell, before herself being taken. The film ends with the unsettling sounds of a whistle blowing, the sound coming from the trapped father.

The ending of The Prisoners. (YouTube, 2013).

Inception (2010)

The idea that the spinner will continue spinning in the dream world is tested at the end of the film. The camera, however, cuts before we can see what truly happens. This gives us the unease- whether or not Cobb was reunited with his wife and kids in real life, or is in fact stuck in a dream state.


Night Crawler (2014)

Nightcrawler is another movie I left the cinema questioning my sanity. Following the life of Louis Bloom who becomes one of  LAs biggest night-crawlers- filming gritty footage for news stations, in this business the gorier the better.

The films alludes to Bloom’s real personality- cutting the breaks of a competitor’s truck, seriously injuring him, and later the killing of his partner, just for a story.

The ending shows him talking to new recruits, his speech making your hairs stand on end, knowing these people may face the same fate. Ending on the line “I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.”

The end speech. (YouTube, 2016).

After considering a lot of the movies and elements used in them we decided to use this, along with our research into Psychological films earlier. We wanted to give the vibe that this maybe couldn’t have happened and was a simple dream or imagining of the person filming. We realised that if we built everything up to an extreme and then suddenly cut it, the film would be startling due to harsh reality.

Dervla made a very good point to us when talking about this. The animation is playing with the perception of what people find scary. In our scene nothing is scary- everything is familiar but warped to make you feel something different.


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