Philip Campbell

Phil Campbell was a creative director of blockbuster interactive franchises James Bond, The Godfather and Tomb Raider, Campbell has been a designer for 20 years. Be it architecture, writing, game creation and freelance designer under the suitably mysterious banner of “The Design Engine” – and the rather more direct “Phil Campbell Design”. Now Phil is the co-founder of “Inlifesize”, a company dedicated to “Creating Digital experiences that matter to your REAL life…”

Phil works in “kick-starting the design process’ using a unique visual methodology to create and develop ideas. Working with companies like Lego, Electronic Arts, Sega, Marvel, Paramount, Sony and MTV – and entertainment icons like David Bowie and Marlon Brando – Phil has created concept and game designs on everything from entire buildings to smart phones.

Recent work includes new iterations of EA/Maxis favorites The Sims and Spore; writing dialogue for Marvel’s Iron Man and Thor; creating new games based on family favorites Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Snoopy; and developing a new generation of smart phone and iPad games with Glu Mobile.

Campbell holds an architecture degree from Oxford Brooke’s university, but, as he put it in his interview with us. He wanted to make buildings that would never stand- steering him towards the interactive side of the industry.

Below is the credentials from his CV- some of which are pretty awesome.




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