Laura Livingstone

Laura Livingstone is a VFX producer based in Los Angeles, originating from Ireland, she graduated from Trinity College, Dublin. Laura has 15 years experience in live action and post production for television, feature films, commercials, documentaries, apps and game cinematics, specializing in animation and visual effects.

In 2009 Laura made the change from solely feature film production to VFX production, haven taken in her own words “a crap course at university for two years.” This was after trying to make it in America- immediately asking for a job at ILM, stating she would need more experience. Impressed by her drive, they took her on. Below is her credentials for the following years, including Iron Man 2 and Looper.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 21.31.17.png

IMBD listings.

Laura is also a co-founder of the Irish Animation and VFX Summit LTD, and has invited us at VIP’s at the next summit (woohoo).

One of the main things I picked up on Laura’s talk was the skills that she said were necessary to be a producer. Organisation, people skills, making sure everyone had what they needed, knowing who was who to bring in necessary skills. I realised quickly that a lot of the things I do through my work in the Animation Society and Toody Threedy have a name- producing.

Talking to Laura really made me feel a bit calmer with the whole what I needed to do in my life- showing that I maybe could get a job doing something from the skills I have naturally.




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