Interview Prep- Company

The company I chose to apply for was Monkey Tennis animation, a lot of their work can be viewed on their website (viewable here).

Who are they?

Established in 2014, consisting of four men from Denmark, England and Switzerland, having all studied together at The Animation Workshop.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 15.34.28.png

The Founders.

The studio is located in the creative company cluster known was Arsenalet, right next to The Animation Workshop in Viborg Denmark.

They list kind of a goal of the company on their website;

We are very passionate about story, characters and innovation. And even more so; we are passionate about combining all of these elements in high quality productions that are as engaging, exciting and entertaining for an audience as they are for us to create. Monkey Tennis Animation Studio aspire to bring a unique blend of imagination, talent and humour to the worlds of animation, film, advertising, digital media and beyond. We know that all projects are unique with diverse and contrasting needs and we taylor our approach to each project individually(, 2017).

They have such different styles of work- due to collaborations with The Animation Company and with other studios. They encourage employees to bring their own unique style and look. Some of my favourite projects are below.

For a short animation for a TV spot for Freeview. Sculpts by Frederik Storm, more are viewable on his art station.





For a short on renewable energy and sustainable farming.


References (2017). Monkey Tennis Animation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017].


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