Self Reflection- C.S.

This project has been a lot more of a learning experiencing to me- having stepped back from a lot of the responsibilities of the 3D aspects of lady yeats project (being too afraid to touch them and having no set confidence). This year has been a definite change- taking a lot more risks and learning a lot more over the summer I am happy with all the assets I completed and the turn out of the aniskfion project itself. Looking forward I would have liked to have learned a bit more on texturing- maybe applying a some subtly wood texture on the house and the stone look to the ceiling tiles. I found this group gelled together well- all calm and easy adaptable to change. Although it seemed like a “cop out” not to have any character animation, I feel we wanted to do a project all of us was happy with – the editing and sound playing a key part to our build up.


for the personal project I was pleased at me to overcome a dreaded hate- being lighting, something I never understood or enjoyed. I was happy enough with my compositing projects- forgive the cheesy music in the video- and the way I managed to apply all the knowledge I grasped in the creation of the stills. I next want to do a 3D Track- unable to export my PFTrack which annoyed me as it was a nice skill to learn.


Both these projects let me step outside my comfort zone a bit- in the style I’m not use to to the areas of CGI I find hard to understand. I want to apply these again definitely and continue exploring- especially with Nuke.

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