Additional Shots

We came together over the christmas break to talk about the order of our animatic and adding the additional human element needed to make it feel creepy.

A lot of people mentioned how lovely and populated our scene felt, however the models were not shown to any extent for more than brief flashes. We therefore wanted to show these more- having more long holding shots at the beginning of the animation to set the scene- as if there is a person living in the grounds.

Establishing Shot

Walking up the road with the camera then resting on the ground.

Further Establishing Shots to Show Calm

Smouldering Cigarette

Warm lights flickering inside house- N.B.- replaced this with birds on scarecrow to introduce their presence

Windmill Rotating Normally

Field and Windmill 3/4 shot showing gentle wind

Clothes on Washing line subtly moving

Banjo strum by itself- changes mood and things start to happen

Progression of Spookiness 

Birds leave field

Cables Move

Windmill moves fast/ sporadic

Flickering 3/4 house

Car close up- lights flashing

lights in crops

lights on shed

tornado shelter bursting open

levitating rocks

crops aerial view

road sign flickering- N.B- lights in house flickering different colours as per Sinead’s lighting tests

Below are some of the tests that Jenny did with the animating- I was totally blown away at the birds as she had such a short timing to do them in.

Birds on the Scarecrow

Ending shot

fog dies down, lighting clear- HDRI- back to house lighting (calming).

Jenny animated a few of these to show us- having finished the birds. I am really happy with how these have turned out- the birds really add to the piece with setting a quiet, calming atmosphere. The additional animations on the windmill too also really add to the piece- giving a more realistic look.

Power-lines swinging

The scarecrow and the birds

The Windmill


The basement door


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