Track Test- PFTrack

I did a test track with PFTrack using the various tutorials I had watched.Unforunately I could not export the track to Maya due to the licensing on the educational software. If someone wants to give me £3,000 I’d happily accept it.

Below is a screen record of the track itself.

I used the 2016 version of PFTrack and I was really impressed with the results. In different tutorials and from other people’s person experience- the auto track was deemed terrible and the user track was needed to fix this. However, when I applied the auto track it seemed to work ok. I included some of the different stages in making this track happen.

Image Manipulation 

I used this node to remove some of the noise in the footage. I first worked on the filter- increasing the sharpen radius to 2. I then worked with the colour channels. I found the blue the noisiest channel, followed by the Red and then Green. I had to increase the red and green levels and the blue slightly. Below are the different channels on these.

I also increased the contrast and decreased the gamma. I then cached the footage to ensure it saved on for the next steps.


Auto Track

I then tested the auto track setting the deformation to better accuracy and the deformation to rotate, scale.



Track testing. 

I used the thumbnail objects as suggested in the Digital Tutors tutorial. The do not shift or shake which is a good sign the track was a success.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.41.45.png



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