Colour Grading my Composite


Above is my composite before the addition of an colour grading.

As seen before in a previous post, I started by creating a vignette as a black solid- lassoing it to focus on the character, the black applied to the edges of the image. The tutorial I was  watching didn’t really go into detail on how to create this, so I did further snooping on Adobe’s website.


Below is my own AE vignette creation- I played around with the feathering and opacity of the mask to create the desired effect.


Once I was happy with this, I then went on to adjust the saturation using an adjustment layer set to hue/saturation.

After this I wanted to alter the colouring of the image more- through the tint effect in the adjustment layers.


This was my original grading but I found it too dark- I moved in to work on the opacity of each layer.


This is my final colour grade- I am leaving it for now so that I can attempt to recreate this in NUKE.


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