Glowing Lights

Alec suggested that we look into post production for our end lighting, to create the glow we had previously looked at. He sent me a few tutorials on how to add this glowing light in AE.

TARGA files- alpha channels available. When importing TARGA images as a sequence- ensure the alpha is on straight as it will effect the alpha channels.

One way to create a glow is by having a Gaussian filter over the footage-

Easier to use fast blur as it also takes into to consideration the alpha layers.

One of the things I noted in this was the presence of the lighting already being included in the shot- therefore I would have to create a mesh light in the scene and render it as separate layers to isolate the blur to the light source only.

I did a few experiments with this in AE with the scarecrow. To be honest, it looks pretty bad- the blur seems to decrease the intensity of the lights, making it look faded. I included an example below.


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