Light Inspiration- Foreboding the Aliens

Come FThere was one thing we noticed when trolling through the many Alien Films was the lighting ques- used to give rise or hint at the alien presence about to hit the screen.

One of the films we noticed this the most in was Super 8 (2011). Larry Fong (cinematographer) used electric blue light flares- easily mistakable for normal lens flares. These were used through the movie- scenes such as the Railway Crash, the discovery of the alien cubes etc these flares are scene across the screen or even behind characters, leading the movie to the next scene. I couldn’t help notice the colours are similar to those of old video game console colour palettes- making it relevant to the time of the film’s setting.

Super8 Cube QMx 1.jpg

Super 8- the cubes making up the alien spaceship.

The railway crash (YouTube, 2016).


Super 8- streaks on the railway crash.

Stranger things is a TV show that also follows this foreboding principle with the lights – though in a different way. Warning spoilers ahead. During the scenes were the demagorgon or creatures from the other side are involved, the lights and electrical appliances flicker and blow, before returning to normal.

This trailer more or less shows Will’s disappearance. I showed this to Dervla again- due to the electrical surge sound effects, similar to what we were looking at.

The flickering lights show above is something we are considering in putting in our own animation- the idea of a porch light or even the car headlights flashing.


War of the Worlds (2005) shows another element of lighting in this- the influence of the alien craft causing the lighting to match it/ surge in intensity. This gives quite a god like effect.

The music video for Sigma- Come Find me was another avenue of exploration for us. The music video is a visual representation of the night life occurring around the feature character- reflected mainly in the lighting and the interactions it has on the characters movements.

We agreed that we all like the kind of squigly lines on the screen- the out of focus look is something we are definitely going for in ours- repetitive motions overlayed to emphasise the madness.

The last screen shot of Millie (actress) looking up at the light above it a form of lighting we are looking at for our own piece- the idea of something being taken upward.





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