Further CV Research After Critic

So, we had our CV’s evaluated by Greg today. I have to really re-evaluate mine, in terms of content. I have far to much writing. I decided by researching exactly what I really should say in a CV would help me cut down on my information. Also, adjusting to a simplified layout would help with this.

How to write a CV

What is a CV?

CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, Latin for course of life. It is a summary of your experience, skills and education.

How long should a CV be?

Ideally, a CV should be no more than 2 sides of an A4 page. However, Greg suggested sticking to one page, as employers tend to not read in detail- only searching for key words.

What should be included in a CV?

Contact details- name, address, mobile phone number and email address.

Education- list and date, previous education, any professional qualifications.

Referees- two people who can provide positive comments on your previous employment or experiences

Skills- for example, ability to work in a team, manage people, customer service, skills or specific IT skills.

Work Experience- this can be internships, voluntary roles or previous jobs.

What should I leave out?

The term curriculum vitae or resume- CV suffice in the UK

A photo- unless applying for an acting or modelling job

Date of birth or place of birth- this is unnecessary and can lead to identity theft

I found all this information in an old book my mum had lying in the house- when she went for her own job interviews! I  am going to help this guide my new CV layout and look- which I will talk about more.

Changing my CV layout

I decided to also look at more shapely CVs i.e. CV’s that follow a more block structure. I really liked the layout used in both Andrew Coyles and Christian’s from last year.

christ.jpgChristian Johnson’s CV. (CLOY TOONS, 2016).


Andrew Coyle’s CV. (CLOY TOONS, 2016).

Here is my own CV, fixing it to match some of the layouts. There are some things I will like to fix in it- the alignment feels boring right now.


CLOY TOONS. (2016). cloytoons. [online] Available at: https://cloytoons.wordpress.com/author/cloytoons/ [Accessed 20 Dec. 2016].

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