BBC Presentation 2

Ok so another BBC presentation occurred yesterday with our update previs (see below).

They actually really liked it! Even suggested it was ready to put on their website- however we knew that was not true!

The BBC previs round two.

They gave us some feedback and so did Alec (see below). From this list we came together to devise a plan of what we needed to go over the next few weeks.

Have the last shot looking normal in daytime.
Name on sign post – something relevant?
Audio – 1 vanilla and 1 directors cut
Light beams – research into doing it in post-production (either render out light beam textures from maya separately and overly/screen or animate in after effects), or look at testing ai photometric light with volumetric fog (longer renders maybe)
Also look at testing stock footage of fog/dry ice for the ground etc for post-production
Look at adding in bird(s) flying away – some life & animation in the piece – perhaps clothes on a washing line, swing gently moving in wind etc.

Below is our list of things to do over the next few weeks. We decided to split it evenly among what we wanted to do for our different skill sets- Dervla wanting to do sound and graphics, Sinead lighting and modelling, myself modelling and Jenny animating.

A lot of things are working back forth between people, such as the crop circles. Dervla will design schematics for the crop circles and then Jenny will incorporate these into the crop circles in the field.


I myself have a few pieces of modelling to do- a floor mat, scarecrow, washing line and cracked windows.

The scarecrow will give a more creepier element to the piece, with the element of something possibly being human in the scene.


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