Camera Projection- Basics

Another method used in compositing I wanted to try was that of camera projection- this was shown earlier in a show reel we looked at- showing how the lighthouse/ robot short was created.

Camera projection is defined as the as any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. I found a gorgeous example of this while looking over show-reels in Greg’s class- a breakdown of different buildings with snow composited into it.

The clip that inspired me to look further into Camera Projection. (YouTube, 2016).

Basic Camera Projection Skills

Basic Camera Projection Tutorial. (YouTube, 2016).

The tutorial above begins in photoshop- separating the box from the background. The gap is them cleaned/ treated using the clone tool.

In Maya, the orientation grid is matched up to the angle of the box. A cube is then created and sized to match that of the box in the photo. A plane is them created to act as the ground- again matching with the image.

For both the ground and the box- the previously altered images in photoshop are added as textures by creating a new texture- file- file as projection.

The shapes can be altered and so can the texture attributes if they do not match up correctly.



YouTube. (2016). Maya Camera Projection Tutorial, Camera Mapping: Must Watch. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Dec. 2016].–cms-19804

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