Interview Question Preparation

What do I need to bring?

Greg supplied us with this really good document called selling yourself– I used it to help write my answers to my interview questions and also plan my cv, showreel etc.

  1. A Show Reel or Portfolio- done
  2. A Web Site- done
  3. A CV- done
  4. A Cover Letter- to do


Tell us a little bit about yourself / Why have you applied for the job?

My name is Rebecca, I am 20 and am currently a student studying in second year of a BA Hons Animation Degree.

I applied for this job as I am a natural talker and I hope encourager. I love pushing peoples ideas forward that I think will go somewhere, reaching out to people to do this. I see so many awesome peoples work get wasted as they were too shy to bring it up- I act as that middle ground.

My love for communication has lead me to making a good few connections since my time at my degree, from people working at ILM, MPC, Rock* games, students at other universities like Bournemouth, and directors such as Duke Johnson and Seamus McGarvey. I like to know the why of things- why did they use this programme, why did he chose the lighting like this, before I devil into the how itself.

I am also well organised and used to handling communication. Becoming President of the Animation society this year has given me even more confidence and a bit more regularity when running events. I oversee and run all steps of the event- for example we took 33 students to the Dublin Animation film festival and I organised the bus, took the money, got any necessary funding I needed. Everyone kept saying how it must have been like a burden or a lot of stress, but it wasn’t- it felt natural.

Have them play back their reel or show their portfolio


What part of your reel/portfolio did you find the most challenging?

Lighting- I have always struggled with it- from the positions of lights, the intensity etc. However, I am definitely feeling a lot more confident in it now, given the different tutorials and instruction from classmates. Lighting makes a scene, and though I may not be a lighter, I want to be able to understand it a little.

What do you believe are your strengths?

I’m not a shy person- I will ask for help or guidance rather than sitting in the dark- I was class rep in first year and was always the one mailing tutors to clarify details- rather have it correct the first time than last.

I am determined- I will not give up. I will get there eventually.

What do you believe are your weaknesses?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years / What do you ultimately end up doing?

I would love to be a producer, working over a series of different smaller companies, pumping their work to the world. I would love to do this in Belfast, the animation and film sector is thriving here at the moments, and I believe the market for 3D is about to expand even more and I would love to be a part of this,

Have you any questions for us?

– do you guys do a lot of collaboration works- I noticed on your website you have multiple projects, some as part of animation workshops etc will this be common

-you also advertise a pitches and development service- helping strategies target audience and the general art direction for further production- have you ever kept on any of these clients for further projects?


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