House Modelling- Ideas and Inspiration

When modelling the house, I had a look at different things to create the warped looked we were going for.

Dervla provided me with this awesome piece of concept art which I used for a basis of our model. We opted to change a few things though- to make it a bit more like other inspirations we looked into.


The original concept art by Dervla. It needs a few tweaks to the design- such as the lack of stairs at the front- the person is trapped forever!

Courage The Cowardly Dog


Evil Dead Cabin




Michael C. McMillen

I found some of McMillen’s work online and found it really nice to look at- an loved the rotted elements that really made it unique. I showed Sinead (as she was modelling the telephone masts) – and we agreed the wrapping of the wiring on the house gave that extra abandoned vibe.





All images found on McMillen’s website. (, 2016).

Sally Ozuna




Gerald Dunleavy



Monster House Concepts- Chris Appelhans



Image converted using ifftoany

Polycount- Romy


Behance–  Dmytro Doskoch



CG Society- Lukasz Michalczyk



I split the house into different components when modelling it- to really hone in on what they needed to look like and research them individually.

The assets involved in the house included 3 bigger things, which smaller items attached;

Main house- A roof- tiles and beams, the walls/ wooden paneling, windows, window shutters, door and door frame, chimney

Porch- support beams, roof-tiles and supports, floor panels main outer panels

Stairs- the step planks, breezeblocks

Basement/ shelter entrance- doors, pad lock, latch, hinges, support and concrete base

The base of the house or the wooden paneling- I looked at the houses from the evil dead, along with an array of abandoned sheds and summer homes. This was to create the creepy, well worn look I wanted to achieve.





openphotonet_rustic old shed1.JPG

I initially block modelled the panels- placing them around the house in an even like fashion, for further destruction after.

For the roof, I was heavily inspired by Gerald Dunleavy’s Black smith house (see above- I loved the look of a longer front of house- like a face, rather than having the tiles block the majority of the structure like in Dervla’s designs.

For the windows themselves- I looked at the Evil Dead house and how they were created- windows warped and slopped as if the wood had rotted away. Also, we though of adding the window shutters to make it look really told and creep- as if someone wanted to block the world out.



Some of the broken shutters I looked at when modelling mine.

The basement door was inspired by the idea in Cloverfield Lane (2016)- the hidden basement in which the trio live. I wanted the idea of a hiding space- but what if it was for something more sinister than a tornado- like when in the War of the Worlds (2005) remake the alien eye probes the basement area.

The Bunker. (YouTube, 2016).

Probing the basement.

I looked into different basement/ tornado shelters for this- including the locks and latches.



Below is a little turntable of the model- showing all the detailing on it. I want to add some dead shrubbery around the house itself, to give a bit more of an overgrown vibe.


References (2016). Michael C. McMillen. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016].



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