Previs Revisited

We met on Friday and rendered out some of our shots that we talked about and we arranged an order of our shots, going alongside our original research of build of suspense in a scene. Below is some of these shots as stills.

Opening shot- house and idea of surrounding environment.


The levitating rocks- possibly glitching between normal rocks and alien textures?


Giving an odd look to the house- camera angle warps so it looks almost alien.  Inspired by the Hotel in The Shining and Kubricks plans of making it like a human itself.


Weird movement in the tiles- could they vibrate/ shake?


Looking up- the crops moving violently and sparks on the telephone masts.


Flickering lights on the porch and with the car headlights.

bop (1).jpg

What we agreed on is below;

1) opening shot with camera moving and being placed on ground
2)3/4 of house with lights flickering on porch and in the car
3) windmale spinning with light streaks
4)ground shot of levitating rocks- again we talked about lights making these glow (this will be done after in post production)
5)street sign glitch- flickering between alien text and human language
6) back to shot 1- levitating objects
7) camera drops and ends the footage stops as it breaks- the repeat of no such things (audio) continues

There was a bit of miscommunication with a sick Dervla- our first draft of our previs was not what we were expecting. We also realised that some of our shots didn’t render as expected or were missing. I quickly went and did a few batch renders of these and we changed our previs to fix our original plans.

Our original previs- the build up was not quite felt as well here.

Our fixed and final previs- a lot easier to read and follow. We all agreed this was a lot better.


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