BBC Presentation Day

Today we had our presentation with the BBC, showing our first draft previs. I was really nervous for today as we had went for the opposite of what they asked for (comedy) and went for a more ironic/ creepy vibe with ours.

Surprisingly, they liked it! You can have a look at our presentation to see how we told them about our inspiration etc- they really liked the adding up to the ending, making more and more things happen, and our experiments with the camera and found footage.

The only comments we had were to make sure the audio was still able to be heard over the static and maybe have the scene return to normal- but things glowing oddly, rather than the floating.

Even Mike liked it- saying he liked the direction it was taken. Alec suggested we try 2D camera tracks for the final thing- copying the movements Sinead had created. Thank God.


We met up after and discussed our next mode of action. We made an Asana account, however we also made a whiteboard with all of our assets, giving us a date of 1st December for them to be completed by. Next we will move onto texturing and revising the camera movements and the final ending.


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