AOVs- Render Layers

AOVs- Arbiuaty Output Variables. They work through the shaders available.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 18.09.59.png

Select and move to the active space- more options are available. Drivers and filter in brackets show that it is the default settings. To view more options on the drivers, select the drop down arrow at the side.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 18.14.04.png

Secondary drivers can also be used to fix the

Another purpose that these AOV’s can be used for is making custom AOVS. One example created was the Ambient Occlusion. By creating an ambient occlusion node in the Hypershade- this can be then put into the default shader of the AOV (shown below). This tells maya to take the data from this shader and apply it to the AOV used- it DOES NOT NEED TO BE ASSIGNED TO ANYTHING IN THE SCENE. Any alterations to the shader can be done here while viewing the effects in the render view.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 20.17.38.png

Another use of this custom AOVs is to create an aiUtility node set to a flat shade mode. This is good for creating Mattes and Masks in compositing softwares around different assets/ objects. It allows the selection of certain objects for glow mattes, colour correction etc.

In the render settings themselves, you are able to set up the naming so that it matches the prefix of the pass being renders (shown below).

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 21.08.45.png

Once batch rendered- their should be a separate exr. for each AOV. These are then brought together in the compositing software.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 21.56.14.png

For my own compositing I want to look at how this compositing can vary in either nuke or after effects.


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