Photobash experiments

A few photo bashes I created. I wanted to experiment with an array of different things from what we had originally brainstormed together.

Below are some of my attempts.

One of my favourite things used in films how they reveal the presence of a monster or alien- giving hints until the final reveal. In the original Jurassic Park- this was going to be applied as they were going to use puppets for the dinosaurs. The feeling of size created in the secondary movements around the dinosaur. In the T-Rex reveal, it being the size- shown in the movement in the trees, the falling goat limb and the water moving in the glass.

T-Rex Breakout. (YouTube, 2016).

I tried to combine this subtle effect with an alien like texture in the scene, subtly pulsing at the bottom of the screen, as if hiding below.


I tried to replicate my own style of Benoit Paillé- his square lights in the photographs I looked at previously.The girls really liked this one- thinking playing with the square lights a cool idea as they look so unnaturally shaped- something must have made them.


Benoit Paillé- one of my favourite photographs.


Another experiment – this time implying the idea of using Alien like textures on the rocks themselves. I used an alien skin texture onto of a photo of rocks to created a weird glowing look. I really like it- one of our ideas adapted to this, thinking that we could have a glitch between a normal rock and a alien like rock- maybe levitating.


A few layouts of the house (below). I didn’t incorporate the windmill as I found it hard to edit it in. I like the below idea of having a house with lights blazing behind it, maybe as one of our opening scenes before everything goes mad and the lights blaze everywhere.




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