Photobashing- coming up with Ideas

We mentioned having a go at coming up with some concept art for our scene- I wanted to have a go at photo bashing some of the ideas I had come up with so far. Photo bashing is a thing that I have seen before but have never approached- Phoebe recommended it to us in our last project, so I decided to have a look at is online.

What is Photobashing?

Photo bashing is a type of digital illustration in which photos/pieces of photos are manipulated together, sometimes along with digital painting, to create a final piece.19 Feb 2015. Source.

In our scenes, we had a few general ideas, some of which I thought would be interesting to explore.

A light appearing from under a door

We had the idea of a cut to a screen door- like the ones used in America- with weird lights appearing from inside it. This reminded me of the film Recess:School’s Out- where the school is taken over and it is first discovered by TJ.

I only found a partial of the scene in the trailer- the satellite coming from the roof. Source.

We also talked about maybe having a light turn on giving the silhouette of a creature under it- like in Don’t Turn Off The Lights.


Hiding in a light trail. Source.

-A light appearing on an object- floating in the air

Stereotypical abduction scene- only we talked about having a difference- what if the object being abducted was resisting the movement- glitching as it rises upwards- tying in with the “no abductions are real feel”



Alien lifting upwards. Source.

-Rocks levitating from the ground

I had a look online for what is essentially ground shots- close to the floor upward. I found a few of the following photos online which I think would look good if manipulated.



I like this image due to the shrubbery- something we had talked about using in our own scene. Source.



Another image- idea of using the road as our pathway. Source.


Lights and Fog

-I wanted to try a few other things- having the sky flicker in lights and fog reappearing- weird lights featuring in the image flickering where it once wasn’t. Solid Angle had a really nice example of this on their website.


Working with Emission in Arnold. Source.

I found another example of this odd light installation in the form of photography. Benoit Paillé created a manmade rig to suspend the glowing cubes, editing any evidence of this out in post production. He would leave the objects for 3 minutes at a time- to create the perfect glowing look- blending to the background.

Alternatives landscapes, Okanagan Valley, Canada





I think it would be cool to having like this with a fog over the top- hiding the mystery. Much to obscure the idea that something could exist. Movies such as The Mist (2007), The Arrival (2016) and Independence Day (1996).

Independence Day laboratory scene. Source.

The fear of the unknown-The Mist- spider attack. Source.

The clearing of the mist and ultimately the reveal at the end. Forgive whoever put the music in. Source.

Very similar to the Independence Day scene with the hand against the window. Source. 


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