Trying Out shot ideas


One of the ideas from today was the use of the windmill to create the evidence of manic- as the wind picks up and it moves faster and faster. I had originally told the guys about one of my favourite pieces of cinematography- that used on the film Super 8 (2011) under cinematographer Larry Fong.

The trailer for the film. (YouTube, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 22.27.29.png

As you can see from the trailer and still above- a consistent feature of the film was the blue light, streaking across the film. Originally, I mistook it for lens flare, but I realised it features subtly throughout the film. I think this would be something interesting to maybe consider in our own film. To me, it foreshadows the alien activity about to occur- from the filming on the railway station to the white cubes moving in Joe’s bedroom.



I experimented here with a really quick photoshop of the mill. I think it should be darker- almost a silhouette in the actual thing, lightings streaking across the screen as the windmill rotates madly.



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