Initial Inspiration

We had a few ideas on the table from our first meet up;

Having some sort of crop circle pattern used in our animation- a further idea from Dervla had been like some sort of architectural plans- maybe having a pan starting on a desk, panning from the tv/ radio, across the table, showing blue prints etc, finally revealing an alien making them. I picture this in a sort of Hannibal-esque food montage.

Yum! (YouTube, 2016).

Having a child reading the news report, or an elderly person, mocking the information, while a person is abducted in the background- an array of lights and sounds. Something like the abductions of Will in Stranger Things (2016).

Totally a fan girl of this show. Skip to 6 minutes to watch the abduction. (YouTube, 2016).

I love the use of lighting and how it almost throbs- like a heart beat.

Our script itself alerts to the more hidden element- Jenny pointed out it sounded like a huge cover up, with the wording giving not much away. Mike talked to us later on in the day (Sinead and I were present). He also liked this weird element- could it show an Edgar Wright style tv report playing, as the camera moves on it reveals a pair of slippers, panning up to reveal a half eaten person, or an alien in human clothing.

After the talk with Mike, Sinead mentioned an idea of having like alarms ringing etc, like NASA identifying something unknown- cutting to a scene showing the UFO is actually humans passing a planet. Making them the Aliens. Reminds me of the childhood class, Planet 51 (2009).

Planet 51. (YouTube, 2009).

Some of my favourite films are the ‘are they real’ psychological thrillers.One of those being Cloverfield Lane (2016).  The film follows a woman, being kidnapped by a man in a truck- telling her that the world was at an end, aliens were attacking and killing everyone.The movie follows the protagonists as they try to figure out what is actually true. We could apply this in our own some how- having a reporter maybe giving the report, moving to the camera man who is an alien himself.

Cloverfield Lane. (YouTube, 2016).

One of our original ideas had involved crop circles- I looked into how they were used in film. The movie Signs (2002) was one of these.

Signs (YouTube, 2016)


I also liked the posters here- how the crop circle leads to the house.

I had to also mention one of my favourite films. Yes- even the Tom Cruise remake. War of the Worlds. I loved the hoax this film pulled off- a Halloween episode of the series on October 30, 1938 and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds, scaring a whole nation, believing there was a real alien attack ongoing.


The National Newspaper. (, 2016).

It would be interesting to play with this ourselves- playing like the report is a trick in itself. Really intense, but could be being read by aliens.

A more slapstick, humour, based on some of my favourite books was The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- could we implement some sort of world within a world- like the man made on the the World maker at the end of the film?

I love the camera work in this- we had talked about the possibility that the crop circle could start as a plane, zoom out to a balloon, bird etc in the patterns. This extreme zoom and quick cuts emphasised this feeling of size. (YouTube, 2016).

Another scene from the film that I loved- the idea that the aliens are saying something/  making a common sound but it actually means something else.

The Planet Factory. (Vimeo, 2016).

We had a few weird and creep interviews that looked into. Dervla showed us the top one, which is one of my favourites. I like the idea of an alien being interviewed, head dipped, while the script plays on a radio- telling him his existence is not real.

This interview gives a real emotional connection with the creature- you can get the emotions from its body language. Leaning forward, apprehensive in answering. I also like the darkness in the footage- unsure of where it is from. (YouTube,2016).

Another creepy critter video I found. Dervla has mentioned looking at how a creature could be cutting back and forth. Causing distress and confusion.


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